Natural Detoxification Solution

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adrenal concentrate

This concentrate has numerous health benefits, it stimulates your digestive system, mildly cleanses blood, skin, liver, gall bladder, it flushes bile and fates. It also help in preventing the urge of caffeine.

INGREDIENTS: Dandelion, Burdock, Pau d'arco, Cinnamon, Ginger, Horsetail, Orange Peel, Parsley, Clove, Black Pepper, Uva Ursi, Grain Alcohol

DIRECTIONS: 2 full droppers with warm water twice a day.

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Historically, dandelion was most commonly used to treat liver diseases, kidney diseases, and spleen problems. Less commonly, dandelion was used to treat digestive problems and skin conditions. Today, traditional uses of dandelion include use as a liver or kidney “tonic,” as a diuretic, and for minor digestive problems.

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Encourages proper digestion; mild mood changes associated with PMS (hormonal balance); promotes healthy uric acid levels. Supports healthy liver & kidney function; flushes toxins; promotes healthy skin (combine with Sarsaparilla for maximum support); supports healthy lymphatic system; mild herbal diuretic; supports bowel regularity; heavy metal toxicity.

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Pau d'Arco helps to support healthy intestinal flora. It has also been sugested that it may assist the body in supporting healthy cell growth and possesses powerful antioxidant properties.

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Cinnamon has a long history of use as a folk or traditional medicine. For example, many ancient societies used cinnamon for bronchitis. Additional traditional uses include gastrointestinal problems, loss of appetite, and control of diabetes, as well as a variety of other conditions.

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Ginger is a tropical plant that has green-purple flowers and an aromatic underground stem (called a rhizome). Historically, ginger has been used in Asian medicine to treat stomach aches, nausea, and diarrhea. Today, ginger is used as a traditional remedy for postsurgery nausea; nausea caused by motion, chemotherapy, and pregnancy; rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis; and joint and muscle pain.

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Horsetail is used for “fluid retention”, kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urination (incontinence), and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder.

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Orange Peel acts primarily on the liver and stomach to promote digestion, relieve food retention and abdominal distension, and promote good liver function.

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Gentle diuretic; promotes urinary tract health; supports kidney & bladder health; eases bloating associated with the menstrual cycle; promotes healthy digestion; maintains healthy blood pressure; supports prostate health; promotes thyroid health.

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Natural herbal remedies using cloves includes: Relieving toothaches, earaches, nausea, hypertension and pain from burns and wounds. Also helps respiratory problems, great air freshener, mosquito repellent, fly deterrent, and ant killer. It is a natural disinfectant; it prevents and gets rid of infections.

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pIn traditional medicine, black pepper has been used for digestive disorders, such as indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, and flatulence.

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Promotes urinary tract health

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GRAIN ALCOHOL - Used to preserve


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