Natural Cellulite Essential Oil

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cellulite oil oil

Cellulite describes a condition that occurs in men and women where the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen, and pelvic region becomes dimpled after puberty. Toxin accumulation, enlarged fat cells, poor circulation, water retention, and fibrosis of connecting tissue are the basic reasons cellulite forms.

INGREDIENTS: Rosemary, Cypress, Oregano, Grapefruit

DIRECTIONS: Massage into clean skin twice daily on area prone to cellulite or stretch marks. individual results vary.

WARNING: Keep out of the use of children, consult health practitioner if you are pregnant, breast feeding. These statement have not been evaluated by the food & drug. Any serious health concern should be treated by a qualified medical practitioner.


  • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and improve the visual texture of stretch marks.
  • Benefit help increase skin elasticity, hydrate, boost skin firmness and stimulate blood flow.
  • Improve the appearance of dimpled skin.
  • Help restore maximum moisture living skin young and supple.
  • Improves resiliency and tone.
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Regulates hypothalamic, pituitary, liver, gallbladder, cramps, dry skin, regenerates the body, and digestion.

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Used for poor circulation, stimulates pancreas, warming, stimulating, soothing, relaxing, for overactive sweat glands.

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A tonic for entire system and muscle relaxant.

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Acts upon cellulite, digestive aid, facial toner, lymphatic stimulant, obesity, water retention. Grapefruit oil is light, with a sweet scent, and can be combined with rosemary, or other potent oils to create a soothing scent.

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